“Hazlewood” Cub Pack

Our Cub pack meets every Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.  The Cubs in our pack are girls and boys aged between 8 to 10½ and are split between 4 ‘Sixes’, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.  Each Six is led by its own Sixer and Seconder, typically the oldest and/or most experienced Cubs. At Cubs you will learn a wide range of new and useful skills such as map reading, cooking, pioneering (knots and lashings), etc. and take part in many different types of games and craft activities.  We also take part in many bigger activities including climbing, camping, hiking, chariot racing, day trips, swimming galas, football tournaments, rafting ….. One thing is certain – you will make lots of new friends and YOU WILL HAVE FUN!

Cub Activity Badges

From air activities to water sports and everything in between, there are activity badges of all sorts for Cubs to earn and proudly wear on their uniforms.  


To find out more about the range of activity badges and what’s required to earn them, click here 

Positions of badges on Cub uniform

Find out where to place Cub Scout badges and awards on the uniform.