1st High Lane Beavers

Beaver’s is fun-packed and active. It is bursting at the seams with 24 girls and boys who simply love their start to the Scouting adventure, as they explore the world around them and get stuck into games and crafts.  The Beaver colony meets on Monday evening during normal school term times from 6-7pm at our Scout hut.

They particularly enjoy joining up with older children in Cubs for joint activities and joining the whole group on our annual events such as Group Camp.

Waiting List

Parents please note:

Due to high demand, we operate a waiting list to join. It is strongly advisable to put your child’s name on this as early as possible – we have several names who have been on since birth. This way we can increase the chances of your child joining as soon as possible after their sixth birthday.

If your child is already six, please contact us and we will do what we can as we want every young person to enjoy and benefit from Scouting but there may be a wait for a space as priority has to be given to those on the list, and spaces are only available when a child moves up to Cubs.

Since we are a purely volunteer-led organisation, we do offer priority to the children of parents willing to join the Scouting adventure with them (not necessarily in the same section either) and become part of our leadership team. It’s a great adventure for grown-ups too! We offer a free uniform, extensive support and training, a no-costs hobby and a great social side.  Please contact us to find out more.

Positions of badges on Beaver uniform

Find out where to place Beaver Scout badges and awards on the uniform.